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Is this all there is? Does life have a purpose? How can I overcome suffering? Will I ever know everlasting happiness? With my “Six-Step Path” as your guide you can find inner peace, see your gifts and talents blossom and live the life you’re meant to live…and more.

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In 612 words, Frosty the Soulman experiences the wonder of creation, the joy of popularity, the pain of abandonment, a cruel death, transcendence and enlightenment.  His story of life is inspirational in a generic sense that appeals to both secular and religious audiences.  $10.95 from Amazon.

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Open letter to “Through The Wormhole” with Morgan Freeman

Dear Mr. Freeman,

Your most important episode has to be – “Is There a Creator?”. This is the most fundamental of questions. Being on the Discovery Channel makes it a no-brainer to use science to answer this question. However, this is not the proper response to such a question…Science is out of its element here, as is religion. The use of science to answer this question is like trying to watch a movie with one’s elbow (a useful part of the anatomy but not of much use for watching a movie).

Our five senses are designed to help us make contact with our external environment. In this regard, they are the proper tools for such an exploration. But, using one’s mind to understand something (an essence) not detectable by any or all of our five senses and not of an intellectual nature is improper use of the (total) human being. This exploration is the purview of spirituality.

An essence (God, cosmic consciousness, source, energy, universal force, etc.) that can (verifiably) be felt, is beyond the powers of the five senses. This exploration for an internal force is the purview of the sixth sense; the intuition. Those who have had a spiritual awakening, an enlightenment, an epiphany, etc. are the people to comment on and verify the cosmic force (creator) in question…and not physicists; be they into particle theory or quantum theory.

We all (seven billion of us), are this force. It is in us and it is us. This is why the universe is not so much as we find it but as we make it. For further information, please see my book: “The Six-Step Path” – Spirituality with a touch of Zen (#4317767 on Amazon…also a Kindle).

Thank you and keep up the Wormhole series.

Be well,
Don Lubov

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Summary and Liberation

Separation from the divine (within) leads to suffering from no sense of value, no meaning and no purpose to life.

In this state, people know intuitively that there is more to life than they are currently experiencing. Consequently, in their search for this (ineffable) something more, they turn to religion, philosophy and spirituality.

In a world of fear, doubt and impermanence, people want love, security and permanence. You either attempt to escape from this (temporary), egotistical world through drugs, sex, alcohol, extreme behaviors, etc. or you begin a conscious search for your (spiritual) roots.

For any of the following reasons, the search for peace and understanding begins –
Curiosity, Worry, Injustice, Violence, Anger, Fear Guilt, Grief, Doubt, Death and suffering of all kinds. The search is for a world of Love, Kindness, Compassion, Peace, Safety and Happiness and Fulfillment.

Such a world is achievable, by all, in the here and now…a world of value, meaning and purpose. It is not only achievable, it is your destiny.

Sages throughout history have offered transformational solutions to this sad state of affairs. People such as: Jesus, Hillel, Confucius, Socrates, Lao Tzu, Plato, Aristotle, Moses, Zoroaster and Siddartha. From 3,000B.C. on, these prophets have offered paths to open consciousness and to awaken people to their full potential. Their teachings come from personal experience and are offered for consideration and testing.

Basically, they all come down to practicing the Golden Rule. Just this one universal truth could change our world for the better. We just need to treat others as we wish to be treated. To transcend suffering and go on to enlightenment we only need to accept the physical world as it is – impermanent and full of all kinds of suffering.

Just as Adam and Eve had to leave (paradise) the Garden of Eden to experience the pain and death of the physical world, we must do the same…not avoidance but acceptance.

By experiencing this acceptance of things as they are, we earn the right to transcend them. You are not static. You are in flux and can, and must, change. In fact, you live in a world ruled by the law of change – the time of day, the seasons, your body, your health, your relationships, your age, etc. are all subject to change.

Buddha, Jesus, Confucius and others delivered a message of liberation and transcendence. They were all messengers of good news and were to be listened to, but not worshiped…”Follow the message, not the messenger.”
These prophets were all living proof that transformation is possible for all. Not only possible, but mandatory. This is our destiny and our purpose.

Heaven, nirvana, paradise, etc. is to be found here and now, by all. You only need to know where and how to look. There is (internal) perfection in this (external)imperfect, physical world. There is a larger, greater, deeper, permanent you waiting to be uncovered. It is within your grasp. This hidden, but attainable you, is undetectable by your five senses. However, It can be felt by your sixth sense; your intuition.

It is our natural, healthy state. It is nameless, but has been called: God, Allah, Energy, Source, Universal Force, Cosmic Consciousness, It, The Absolute and more. It is inside all of us waiting for our conscious contact. With this contact, you become the best you you can be. You begin to live the life you are meant to live…a life of peace, love and joy. You learn to serve others as you serve yourself. You do what you love and love what you do. Your life will have meaning and purpose.

Familiarize yourself with the sages and prophets mentioned here. Try out their teachings and see if they work in your life. As a user-friendly, easy guide from stress to enlightenment I offer my own “Six-Step Path” – 1. Observe yourself without judgment. 2. Forgive yourself and others. 3. Accept what you observe. 4. Love yourself unconditionally. 5. Awaken from your dream. 6. Celebrate life forever. For more information, please see my blogsite:

My “Six-Step Path” shows you how to transform your life into your own (informal) meditation. It is a relatively quick, effortless path to liberation and transformation. It has worked for thousands and can work for you.

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Random Notes-4/30/2013

Religion, in its pure form, and spirituality are compatible, However, once religion focuses on power and politics, they become incompatible; no longer in sync with each other.

In an uncertain (physical) world, people feel an intellectual and emotional need for certainty. One can choose to satisfy this need by dogma or fundamentalism, but neither of these secures a comfortable, permanent reality.

Sometimes called God, nirvana, tao, Brahmin, there is a reality behind the one we can see with our eyes. It is not detectable by our five senses. It is, however, detectable by our sixth sense; our intuition. It is a dimension that one transcends to when thought reaches the end of its rope. It is beyond thought. It is the destiny of all human beings to reach this consciousness.

Silence is the path to it. Non-doing is the path to it. No-self is the path to it. Being mindful of the present moment is the path. This is not a place for human doings…It is the place for human beings. The same sages, prophets and gurus who claim that this is the only place to dwell, point the way to it. In a world of suffering, it is the only desirable place to be.

It is a place of unconditional love, peace and joy. It is home to the “Golden Rule” mentioned by Jesus, Confucius, Moses, Mohammed, LaoTsu, Hillel and others. It is where God dwells and it is within (all of us). God and love are the same. Find one and you have found the other.

It is a graduation from the three poisons of Buddhism – “greed, anger and stupidity”.
Compassion rules here and the rule of the law of change does not apply here. Once here, all good teachings pass through you into the physical world. Your daily life becomes your meditation (informal). You feel a connection to all life, especially other people.

When you allow your intuition, not your intellect, to lead you, you welcome this higher consciousness into your life. You are using that part of you that usually lies dormant. Trust your heart and your intuition. Follow your feelings.

The external, physical, 3-dimensional world (of duality), that we are most used to is not quite as reliable as you might think. It is subject to change on a regular basis and, as Heisenberg says in his “principle of indeterminancy” in quantum physics, physical reality is neither objective nor fixed. Faith, belief and subjectivity play a major role in choosing one’s reality.

The world is how we make it, not how we find it. This gives us awesome power and, simultaneously, equally awesome responsibility. Believe it or not – We are the world.
With spirituality (spiritual awakening, epiphany, enlightenment,etc) it is possible to live in a world of suffering, pain, anger, injustice, violence and death lovingly, joyfully and peacefully. Through silence and surrender, to a world beyond words, we achieve everlasting peace.

This is not only doable, it is essential. We are programmed for success. Our birthright is two-fold; Our first birth is physical. Our second is spiritual. Embrace your whole humanity…the intellectual and the spiritual. Become part of the (human) solution and no longer part of the (human) problem. It is your destiny to live a life of peace, love and joy and to be the best you you can be.

In this 21st century, become a “homo-spiritualis”.

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Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
(March 31, 2013)

To follow a religion; engage in its ritual and ceremony without reaching a spiritual level is to partake of an organization that has much to offer but is not likely to lead to enlightenment (epiphany). To pursue science (and humanism) and to declare that only that which is detectable to the five senses is of value and proof of life is not only arrogant but falls short of exploring the entire human being.

To become steeped in religious ritual, sacred texts and exclusive esoterica is to “miss the mark” of the meaning behind sacred writings. Siddartha, Jesus, LauTsu and other sages (prophets) did not request that religions be formed around their teachings. They just offered their insights, wisdom and lessons that others might learn from them and thereby liberate themselves from suffering.

We have six senses. To deny the worth of one (the sixth) leads to an incomplete understanding of the human being. We have all experienced déjà vue, a hunch and (most important) love. Science requires that things be logical; make sense intellectually. These things do not make sense. They need to be felt to be known. This is the realm of the sixth sense; the intuition.

To ignore the awe and wonder of creation; of the universe – something out of nothing – What kind of sense does that make? Our inner life force, energy, source is as real (if not more real) than our 3-dimensional, physical world of duality. Quantum mechanics supports a view of our “outer” world as being truly non-physical, in flux and subject to the law of change (temporary).

Our “inner” world, rooted firmly in the present, is becoming recognized as eternal, real and not subject to change. Life, in total, can be of great value and worthy of scientific inquiry and, simultaneously, worthy of awe and wonder on a spiritual (not religious) level.

Don Lubov

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Random Thoughts – 2/9/13

Random Thoughts – 2/9/13

You are programmed for success. By doing nothing, you can break through; wake up to your true self.

Thinking and wanting keep you from being in the (eternal) now. Judging also keeps you from this moment. You only need to be aware and awake…awake, alert and without thought, lost in your life, as it is happening. This is all you need do.

All that is impermanent is illusion. All that changes is illusion. All that has a beginning has an end. All that has a birth has a death. All that is detectable by the five senses is temporary. That which is detectable by the sixth sense; the intuition, – unconditional love, is the only thing that is eternal and, therefore, real. It does not change. This three-dimensional, physical world of duality is ruled by the law of change. Unconditional love is free of this rule. Unconditional love is eternal.

Don’t run from suffering or bad news. Embrace it, as you would good news and happiness. Be open to all your life, as it is happening…warts and all. Live your life, moment by moment and you will be in touch with the divinity within; your source.

Be true to yourself, and you will be happy. Observe yourself without judgment and you create a safe, welcoming atmosphere. Now, your true, hidden, gifts and talents can emerge and blossom. Happiness prevails. Good for you and good for the world.

The past is over and the future has yet to begin. The only time you can live is now. Pay attention to your now, however it is. Your true self is hidden in the now. Your well being and happiness are in this moment.

“The only meditation is no meditation.” Let your life be your (informal) meditation. When you meditate formally, there is a you to meditate. When your life is your meditation, you get lost in the moment and lose yourself to the now…there is no you at all. You are awake, alert and without thought. When you and your activity are one, there is no you. Then you are ready for enlightenment.

Don’t seek. Just be. Don’t strive. There is nothing to get and no one to get it. There is nothing to prove and nothing to be gained. You are already worthy and, remember, programmed for success. When you stop striving, stop wanting, stop feeling separate and incomplete, stop being attached, stop doubting…you are ready.

You are perfect within. The light you go towards is you. You are the seeker and the sought, the question and the answer, the lost and the found. You are all there is. Forget desires. Forget attachments. Forget your earthly self and remember your spiritual self. Observe without judgment and all will be revealed. And, while doing all of this…be kinder; to yourself and to others.

Be mindful of all that is without you and all that is within you. Watch even your thoughts. Don’t resist your thoughts…just watch them. They will come and they will go. Concentrated, non-judgmental observation.

See the world without judgment, without condemnation, as it is. Become aware of the physical world, other people and yourself, especially your thoughts…without judgment. Do this now and wake up to your true self. It is not detectable by your five senses. You’ll have to use your sixth sense – your intuition. This is the part of you that feels. This is the part of you that knows love.

Enlightenment is when you are not. Enlightenment and ego cannot co-exist. Enlightenment and you cannot co-exist. As you (ego, I ) disappear, enlightenment arises. Don’t think. Just be.the best you you can be, in this very moment.

As Siddartha said: “Be in this world, but not of it. Cling to nothing and resist nothing.” In this way; being totally involved, in your life, as it is happening, you awaken from your dream and discover your true, inner, self.

Be content with what is, now. Don’t try to change anything. Just let it be. You and your activity as one. No thought, just being. No judgment, just acceptance of that is. Mindfulness – a moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness. This behavior leads to finding your true self, which is “hidden in plain sight”.

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Backdoor Path

Backdoor Path

To have a spiritual awakening, an epiphany, an enlightenment is a direct, prompt way to discover the meaning and purpose of life. It is so powerful and personal it needs no outside validation; no stamp of approval. It is to be accepted as authentic and real.

Following such an event, you awaken to your connection to all life; especially all human life. It’s clear – to serve others is to serve yourself and, vice-versa. This can be done in many ways, on all levels.

Freed from suffering, you transcend what the Buddhists call “The Three Poisons” – Ignorance, Greed and Anger. Open, now, to your true, inner self, you encourage your unique gifts and talents (that we all have) to emerge and to blossom. This satisfies your very human need to express yourself in your particular way. It allows you to serve in a creative way.

Service to others brings peace of mind and a natural, effortless personal growth of talent or gift. Your satisfaction level soars. You know you’re doing the right thing. Living through your special gifts, you become the best you you can be. All growth takes effort; work. But this “right” activity is so true and so honest that progress is assured and quick.

You are no longer part of the (human) problem. You glow with the knowledge that you are now part of the solution to the human condition. You not only know what to do to express yourself and serve others but you are making wiser decisions on when and how to do it.

Your learned urge to compete is morphing into an urge to cooperate. You see life through compassionate eyes…People first, all else second. Your self-reformation has united you with all life. Work is now joy and joy is your unique work.

In case you are one of many who have not had an epiphany; a spiritual awakening, not to worry. That is the “front-door” approach to finding meaning and purpose. There is an equally satisfying “back-door” approach to self-fulfillment.

Be still and non-judgmental and look within to see what it is that makes you truly happy. This id not necessarily only one thing, one activity. You may have multiple activities that please you. Explore with kindness, the inner you, the true. Not what you’ve been taught to like or do, but what you honestly enjoy doing.

If it’s your passion to sing, then “sing as though no one were listening. If it’s your passion to dance, then dance as though no one were watching. And, as often as possible, love as though you’ve never been hurt.” Discover what brings joy to you and begin to do it now. Do it, nurture it and share it. You will be sharing on a deep, spiritual level.
This focused, passionate living puts you in sync with the rest of the universe and creates a personal atmosphere conducive to enlightenment. When you live your true, inner self, your “divinity within” awakens and you begin living the life you are meant to live…your “enlightened” life.

This “back-door” approach is satisfying on all levels and builds on itself. As you get used to living your real self, your life gets better, your world gets better. You are in sync with the cosmos.

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Assuming we all want to be happy; which includes peace of mind, consider the following-

* If individual happiness is dependent on material success, then the more money and material wealth one has, the greater should be one’s happiness. Compare Howard Hughes and Martin Luther King, Jr.

* If individual happiness is dependent on the extent and force of one’s religious leanings, than the more extreme one’s religious views, the greater should be one’s happiness. Compare a terrorist with Gandhi.

* If individual happiness is in proportion to one’s (culturally supported) idea of good looks, then the more attractive one is, the happier one should be. Compare Marilyn Monroe with Mother Theresa.

* If individual happiness is dependent on one’s intellectual prowess, then the higher the IQ, the happier the individual. Think Edward Teller (physicist)…Dr. Strangelove.

* If individual happiness is dependent on one’s weight, then the thinner one is the happier one should be. Compare Burl Ives with Charles Manson.

* If individual happiness is dependent on the state of one’s physical health, then the physically healthier one is the happier one should be. Think Jim Morrison.

* If individual happiness is the result of recognition by one’s peers, then the most popular, lauded, decorated and celebrated of us should be the happiest. Think Joan Crawford.

* If individual happiness is dependent on the level of our talents, then the most talented of us should be the happiest of us. Compare Beethoven with Tiny Tim.

None of these qualities seems to be the key to happiness. The guarantee of happiness due to these positions is a non sequitur of major proportions. We all know people (personally) and of people in the public eye who possess one of more of these positions. We also know that happiness does not necessarily accompany them due to these positions.

Happiness seems to be the result of an internal mindset. Therefore, we are in control of our level of happiness. Our attitude is everything in this matter. “I think most people are about as happy as they’ve made up their minds to be.” – Abe Lincoln

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Open letter to “Through The Wormhole” with Morgan Freeman

Dear Mr. Freeman, Your most important episode has to be – “Is There a Creator?”....
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Summary and Liberation

Separation from the divine (within) leads to suffering from no sense of value, no meaning...
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Random Notes-4/30/2013

Religion, in its pure form, and spirituality are compatible, However, once religion...
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Random Thoughts

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Random Thoughts – 2/9/13

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Assuming we all want to be happy; which includes peace of mind, consider the following- *...
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