Meditation / Virtual Reality

How To Meditate In Virtual Reality

Back in the days of the early 90s cyberculture it seemed like it was immanent that humanity was about to make an evolutionary leap from this limited monkey gravity well and inhabit infinite virtual worlds, becoming beings of pure imagination.

Though a few decades have come and gone and we are unfortunately still stuck in this moribund reality, it seems that the 90s cyber-prophets of California just had the dates wrong, not the overall picture when it came to virtual reality.

Everyday practical virtual reality technology has finally began to catch up to the idea of virtual reality. Although like most entertainments now, virtual reality will just be used to normalize and train populations for war on the planet of increasing population and shrinking resources, there are also worlds being created to aid meditation, mindfulness and contemplation.

This post at Mashable gives an overview of VR products to aid meditation, for every bit that helps expand and develop our higher natures is desperately needed in these increasingly perilous times.