The Spirituality Of Cannabis

For many users of cannabis the “drug” is just another way to escape reality in a culture that places a primacy on escaping reality. While some like to just use it to enhance their junk food and media binges many users use it not to escape reality, but to go deeper into it.

Though few may consciously formulate and state out loud that their cannabis rituals are done for spiritual reasons, many more do so intuitively and silently, using marijuana to still and calm their mind and body, to get to know their self and reality more intimately, too pierce and see beyond the veils of illusion generated by self and other.

The new book “Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally” is one of the first and the few books to pull together the writing on this fascinating subject, another sign of the growing acceptance and awareness of this mystical path, one of the many vectors manifesting the emergence of a new higher collective consciousness.